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Joe Proud – After developing a successful building company in Sydney, www.j2building.com.au Joe and his family took the decision to tree change, moving to the Southern Highlands was a simple decision. Tracy and Joe got married in Penrose in 2011 and it only seemed right to raise their 2 kids in a place that they love. With a high calibre of local architecture Joe is relishing the ‘Highlife’.  With all of his spare time Joe has taken up his childhood sport of tennis and has so far made it to 2 out of his 10 lessons. The only thing he will not miss is watching The Bloods – South Melbourne Football Club aka Sydney Swans each and every game.


Rhys ‘Rhys-dog’ Seymour– as one of the longest serving employees in the business, Rhys is half way through the third year of his apprenticeship. While he sometimes struggles with the pressures of a high paced environment, under the watchful eye of Joe and Justin, he is mastering his craft, working on his weaknesses and building on his strengths. He’s dependable and has a keen eye for detail and order – bordering on OCD – which should serve him well in his trade! Out of work, Rhys enjoys camping, fishing, swimming in the local rivers and hitting up the beach when possible. Rhys is never too far away from a pouch of Port Royal or his grape flavoured Vape, and, after work, a 4 pack of Woody’s or Wild Turkey’s!

Tom ‘Clark Kent’ Attreed– Tom is currently in the second year of his apprenticeship and is hardworking and dependable. Tom is quiet and reserved, and takes in a lot more than he lets on. Living with his family out at Canyonleigh, Tom enjoys long drives on the freeway in order to return to civilisation. Tom loves spending his spare time at the gym or playing footy, and when he isn\'t doing that, he can be found on the Wollondilly River catching yabbies and Redfin, or knocking down a few pints of Bundy Rum and Coke on tap at the Jemmy Moss Hotel in Moss Vale. When at work, Tom has a lifeban on any kind of singing, especially on R&B Fridays!

Jason ‘the butcher\' Seymour– Jason joined the team in early 2017 and has cemented his place as an integral and indispensable part of the business. With a lifetime of experience in the building industry and having a trade in his own right as a butcher, he brings with him a hardworking ethos, a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Jason ensures we have the right materials and hardware on-site to keep us all busy and productive. With our first father/son duo in the business, Jason brings dependability and a can-do attitude. When Jason\'s not at work, he can be found hunting, camping and fishing at any opportunity. His love of his Landcruiser is legendary and one day hopes to own a new Landcruiser ute.

Harry ‘Potter’ Parsons– the newest member to join the August team, Harry is our first year apprentice and shows a lot of promise. After attending Chevalier and giving the PRO junior downhill mountain bike scene a red-hot go, Harry is committed to getting a trade under his belt while he continues to pursue the PRO circuit as an adult. He also enjoys the live music scene and is often off going to a festival somewhere around the country. Harry has been melting hearts all over the Highlands, and that won\'t stop once he dons the nailbag and gets a trade under his belt. He has recently bought a short wheel based Landcruiser, which is allowing him to fuel his adrenalin-seeking nature and go \'four b-ing\' whenever and whereever he can. Other hobbies include sweeping with a MADAT broom.


Alison \'Hip Hop\' LaytonAlison is our ever dependable and hardworking Office Manager who makes sure everyone gets paid on time, that our accounts are up to date and our liabilities met. With a keen eye for detail and compliance, Alison does not tolerate tardiness or sloppy paperwork, so whatever you do, don’t submit an invoice or timesheet that is not accurate or complete. There is a lot of work that goes into running a small business like ours and Alison does all the backroom work that often never gets acknowledged or appreciated. Alison has three kids and when time permits, enjoys attending live Hip-Hop gigs from the golden era of the ‘90’s. In Alison’s world, its R&B Fridays every day!



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